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Description: Let's make Pak Identity Verification a breeze with the Pakistan Nadra App! This friendly guide will walk you through the app's features, ensuring a smooth experience as you navigate through identity verification processes. Discover how easy it is to verify your identity with a touch of friendliness using this user-friendly app.Your Guide to the Pakistan Nadra App: Simplifying Pak Identity Verification with a Friendly TouchPakistan Nadra app, Pak Identity Verification, user-friendly guide

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How to Download Pak Nadra Official.

Open Play Store and Click on Search icon Type "Pak Nadra Official" after Click on Install button and Download Pak Nadra App

How to Use Pak Nadra Official Application

Open Application Click on Create account open account after open application.

If You want Recharge your account click on Recharge menu

If You want auto cut payment for your bank like Jazz cash, Easypiasa, Other Bank use Credit Card & Debit Card menu

Now you can use any Service for Pak Nadra Application With Credits

Pak Nadra Official Update

What's New in v1.15

  • Fresh Sim Details added
  • Share your credits added
  • iOS Updates added
  • Section limit increase (7 days)
  • Live Chat added
  • Change iPhone color and background Go arrow to first and last message
  • Change the style of the go arrow icon for the first and last message
  • Change admin icon in app
  • Edit Messages (Enabled)
  • Receive Pinned messages from others (Enabled)
  • Pin Message in private chats (Enabled)
  • Official Locked Conversations (Chat Info page > Lock) (Enabled)
  • General bug fixes (Misc)
  • Other fixes and improvements (Misc)

Long Press on button open in new Window to Download

Download Pak Nadra Official

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